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This Web Site agreement, herein after the "agreement", is between you and Hollywood FotoFix, Inc., with principal place of business at 345 South Main St. Alpine, UT 84004-1999. Use of www.hollywoodfotofix.com, herein after "HFF", signifies your agreement with all the terms and conditions of the agreement. If you do not agree with the set forth terms and conditions of the agreement, do not go any further into the web site. If you have any questions about the Terms of Service, please contact customerservice@hollywoodfotofix.com

Conditions of Use:

You agree to read the terms and conditions carefully before using HFF. Continued use of HFF indicates your acceptance of such terms and conditions. You certify that you are a photo or related retailer creating this account in order to do business with Hollywood Fotofix, Inc.

License to Use HFF Web Site:

HFF grants you a non-exclusive, limited right to use www.hollywoodfotofix.com. Such right is based on your compliance with all the terms and conditions set forth herein the agreement.

HFF Material Rights:

By submitting images for digital restoration, emailing HFF, its employees or authorized agents, you grant HFF the exclusive right to copy, produce, transmit, modify, display, and edit any communication or images received through use of HFF. This right is limited and excludes all communications that contain copyright, trademark information, images or materials. You acknowledge that you understand all Federal Copyright/Trademark laws, and that all images, materials and/or communications submitted to HFF (by you) do not violate such laws. You achnowledge receipt of permission from the copyright owner or are the copyright owner of all images submitted. HFF is under no obligation to use any communications or images that are submitted by you for any purpose.

HFF Work Authorization:

By submitting images for digital restoration, you authorize Hollywood Fotofix, Inc. to perform any work on images. You certify that they are submitted for work either on your behalf or from the copyright holder of the images.

Estimate Policy:

Hollywood Fotofix, Inc. does not provide estimates. Any image submitted to HFF will be restored with no estimate given. The 5-tier system is designed to keep you from having to wait for estimates by letting you immediately quote your customer based on the level of damage to their photo. The 5-tier system is available at http://www.hollywoodfotofix.com/dealer/gallery.php. We also provide counter tools which should help make the pricing very simple for you.

Information Security:

HFF uses reasonable measures to ensure the protection and privacy of communications, images and billing information submitted to www.hollywoodfotofix.com. HFF uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to secure all payment information. You acknowledge that communications and images submitted to HFF are not confidential and may be read or intercepted by unanticipated third parties. You agree that if such interceptions occur, HFF is not liable in any manner under all applicable laws and jurisdictions.

Billing and Shipping:

You agree that all billing/shipping information that you submit is accurate. You certify that you are the authorized credit card holder listed in your HFF account, or that you have received authorization from the credit card holder to use on the account. You agree that your credit card will be charged for work once the image is completed. HFF provides invoices online at HollywoodFotofix.Com of billing transactions. You agree that you have reviewed your billing/shipping information and that you deem it accurate. You also agree that you will notify HFF upon any change in billing/shipping information. You will be held liable for all additional billing or shipping costs that may be incurred due to inaccurate billing/shipping information provided by you. Such costs include, but are not limited to additional postage, shipping materials, photo lab fees, collection and attorney's fees. HFF is not liable for any delay in services or products that result from inaccurate billing/shipping information.

Refund Policy:

If a customer requests a refund, the money for the requested transaction is refunded back to the customer. If the refund is for services which took place more than 60 days ago, the refund may require issuance of a check, and may take up to 10 business days to process. No refunds may be issued for services provided beyond a period of 120 days in the past.


HFF provides these terms and conditions "as is". HFF maintains the sole right to revise these terms and conditions at any time. HFF reserves the right to terminate such agreement any time without any notice to any such user. HFF, employees, and authorized agents under no circumstances shall be held liable for any damages or any unforeseen damages that may result directly or indirectly from any communications and or images that are submitted for personal Non-Commercial and Commercial Uses. HFF shall not be held liable for any communications or images that may be received by an unanticipated third party. This agreement shall be governed by all applicable State laws and in the State of Utah, and sole jurisdiction shall remain in the County of Utah, State of Utah.

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